Salamanders and Snakes.

I hiked, watched a film, worked on my Junior Ranger booklet, and earned a new badge! Mama bought us a stuffed River Otter and a baby Opossum. I saw a dam on my hike but no river otter. I wish I had seen one! What I did see on our hike was a snake in a creek I was crossing. The snake was flopping up onto the rocks and the snake had a SALAMANDER IN HER MOUTH!!! We looked at the snake examples in the Ranger Station and we are pretty sure she was a Northern Water Snake. My sister hiked without holding hands and said “hi” and “bye” to every single person we met on the hiking path. She fell several times and each time she just dusted her hands off, (we tell her “dust it!” when she falls so it gives her something to do instead of cry) but the last fall gave her some big scratches on her little knees. I felt so sad for her but she was too mad to let me kiss her. I only saw one salamander but there are many, many types here. The one salamander I did see was in that snake’s mouth!

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