Wool. Lots of Wool At the Wool Festival.

Wool is what is on sheep.  

I saw some sheep at the wool festival and that was nice but I had wanted to see a Big Horn Sheep and I didn’t get to see any.  

The festival picture showed a Big Horn Sheep so I expected to see one. 
I got to see these sheep after their wool was taken away from them.  

Their wool was on a table and I touched all of it.  I found a little bit on the ground to bring for Nature Show n’ Tell on Monday.
People take the milk from sheep and turn it into ice cream or cheese.  I tried dark chocolate sheep milk ice cream and balsamic strawberry sheep milk ice cream.  Both were very good. I also saw a yurt made of wool.  A yurt is a little building. You can live in a yurt and a lot of people do.

  We saw a face painter and got a unicorn on my face.  Then my Mama figured out that she knew the face painter from high school and college too.  They hadn’t seen each other for a long time.  The face painter gave me her business card and so I put that in my dress pocket.  I had two pockets so one had the wool and the other one had the business card.  

The music was very good and I danced a little, jumped on the hay bales, and when we went to the potty we tried to hurry because there was a yellow jacket in the portable toilet!!


My Mama asked me what I want to study in college and I told her Math and Games.  So Daddy picked out this board game for me called Robot Turtle.

Daddy is the mover and I am the programmer.  I pick out the cards that let the turtle get to the jewel.  We played this at the coffee shop today.


Mama and Daddy asked what sport I would want to play in college because they were on these teams: swimming, running, and soccer.  I don’t want to do any of those teams.  I will be on the bowling team.

Body Maps

We looked inside a museum that used to be a post office a long time ago.  The building is very old and had a lot of doors inside.  I wanted to open all of them and look inside but all of them were locked.  I used the water fountain and it wouldn’t turn off.  Mama tried to fix it but she couldn’t so we told the man at the front desk.  He wasn’t mad at all.  I think he was  happy we told him and he said it is an old building and things like that can happen.

Inside the museum were body maps for us to look at.  Body maps are where you trace your body and then make art about your life inside it.    


We worked on our own art project: Hands Maps


This museum had the BEST colored pencils and pastels ever. When we got home we ordered some of them to use in our art room.