My Sister Loves Birds.


I visited the Castle Clinton National Monument and earned a Junior Ranger badge. While I was doing this with Daddy, my sister walked around with Mama looking for birds.

It was an old fort to defend. Later on, it was used as an immigration center like Ellis Island, then later on gardens, an opera house, and an aquarium. Now it’s close to where people buy their tickets for taking the ferry to Liberty Island or Ellis Island.

It used to be connected to Manhattan by a bridge but then the water area was all filled in with land and so now it is a part of a park called Battery Park.

The day I was going to Liberty Island, the ranger would not give me a Junior Ranger booklet because she didn’t think I would be able to finish it if I were going to see the Statue of Liberty. So I went back the next day and got one and completed it and the same Ranger was there.

Afterwards, I had a conversation with my parents and learned what the word personable means. Not everyone is personable. Rangers are usually personable.

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