Gum Museum.

I am allowed to chew gum during standardized testing at school because it is supposed to help your brain focus on the testing. Otherwise, no. But I did get to chew a ball of gum while visiting this museum and when I am 9 I may chew it more regularly.

This Gum Gallery is run by a woman who started collecting with her sister in the 1940s. There are gums from all over the world and from all different years. Mama and Daddy noticed gum from when they were young.

This was a great place. We just had to call Joanne and she said to come on over! She was so kind. She gave me a hug and kiss when we left. She was very nice to my little sister too.

3,500 Seeds.

I took a Junior Ranger booklet to-go and will mail it in for a badge to be mailed back to me. The outside temperature was 111 degrees so we did not hike. I still learned a lot though. The seed math was challenging for me. Mama is going to work with me on math each day this summer so I am ready for next school year’s math.

Big Bend.

I went to a national Park called Big Bend. The Big Bend is the turn of the Rio Grande is. I got to get right next to the Rio Grande, the shallow water was warm. It was not very wide where I went and right across from where I was, it was Mexico! Sometimes when I look at the desert it does not look like a lot is going on, but then when I start looking at the ground and at plants, I see different bugs and animals. I found two dead butterflies and brought them to the ranger. She and I worked to identify them but it was not easy. We thought one was definitely a Monarch. The ranger said that she usually has a hard time identifying butterflies because they are so quickly moving but we laughed because these ones were definitely NOT moving and still it was difficult! I worked to earn my Junior Ranger badge here. I also spied a small, beautiful, velvety, red bug. It did NOT blend in!! That probably means it is poisonous or pretending to be! I was wondering if it would be ok to touch to see if it were soft. Mama said please do not touch it. I also let a millipede cross the road and touch my boots. We carried her to the other side to show Daddy and my sister and then it left.

A Question.

Mama and I talked about this and how Dr. Martin Luther King Junior said I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. We also talked about how he likely has experienced racism in his life already. This town had just had a big storm and lots of trees had been knocked down. People were all gathering on their porches and enjoying their friends and families outside because their electricity was still off.