Popover Day.

The day before the first year of school I go to a special restaurant and eat popovers with strawberry butter. I go with my Gigi and my Mama. It is our special trip. 


Our server gave me a popover and butter to take home too. I will eat it at snack time at school.
I ordered deviled eggs, strawberry lemonade and the popovers just came with our food!  I also ate some of Mama’s salad and some of Gigi’s too. Before our lunch, we tried some small pieces of cheese and even dribbled some honey on top!   

   The restaurant has a big and beautiful ceiling to look up at and you can see the construction happening out the window. 

After I ate, we walked around looked at the things for sale and a man who worked there gave me lip gloss to try on!  I was sad we didn’t go to a museum today but it was still a very fun day before Kindergarten.

Dan Bern

 When we drive a long time in the car, we listen to this guy.  His name is Dan Bern.

He plays the guitar and sings and plays the harmonica. He might play other instruments too but I have not seen him do it. His daughter is about the same age as me and so we played together

There was a grassy hill and I ran up and down it and listened to the music. I also ate two types of soup.

Everybody felt happy and had a fun time it seemed.


I walked around where Mama went to school.  I saw where she went to classes and the pool she swam in when she was on the swim team. I had to look under the door crack to see the pool because it was closed. There are a lot of bikes in this place. When I go to college I will study math and games and maybe a little about bugs. 

Sleep Nook.

Whenever I stay in a hotel, I never ever sleep in a bed. Mama picks out a little nook for me and I camp in that spot. 

Sometimes a hotel has a closet and I sleep in there with the door open. Sometimes there is a desk and that is like a little sleeping cave. 

At home, my bed is very high up and I touch the ceiling with my feet and hands if I want to. But in hotels I sleep down very low and I like it. 

I always sleep really well in these little spots.  This one was a very good one. This time I picked it out myself, not Mama.


Old Train Ride + Old Town.

The streets here are bumpy. I saw some girls riding bikes and it looked like it didn’t feel good. 

This is what the old town buildings look like.   
I rode a train. It had air conditioning in it and that means there was cold wind in the train. I also had some snacks that they handed to us. The train did NOT have a toilet on it so I don’t think drinking a lot of water would be a good idea.  The conductor let me punch the hole in my ticket. 

I love to ride the train. 

Train Museum.


This was the BEST place. The whole museum was all about trains. They had model trains too and those are my favorites. One train moved a little bit and another one was for food and it had beautiful dishes. These trains are very big so it is hard to remember that they aren’t about to start moving and bump you. But they will not do that and so you don’t have to get scared in this museum.

Jelly Beans.

This is the place where little jelly beans are made. You can make art with anything, jelly beans too. This is an old president made from jelly beans.   

I watched some treats being made. 

You get to try three samples and I picked: cinnamon, moldy cheese, and canned dog food. Moldy cheese was not good. Canned dog food was kind of good. Cinnamon was nice. You can try: Booger, Baby Wipes, and Barf! We laughed at those types. It’s good to try new things because if you won’t do it then you never find out if you like those new things!  

Mama let me pick out some jelly beans and every flavor I tried, I took a tiny bite and gave it to Mama to try the rest. When I try something tasty I like to share it.