The borax museum taught me that you have to really dig for it and even though everywhere I looked there were signs like “no harm” and the movie talked about being responsible I still know that digging big holes and having a huge factory is not always good for the land. I would like to learn more about that part. I learned about how Borax is cleaned up to go into products and I also learned it is in everything, practically! I learned a little about this mineral a few years ago at Death Valley National Park Borax display. Mules would pull carts of it and it was 200 tons! And a ton doesn’t mean “a lot” but actually is a measurement of 2,000 pounds!!!

Bottle Tree Forest

I saw a bottle tree ranch in the desert. It was like a forest but of rusted metal instead of bark trunk and branches & old glass bottles instead of leaves. A man who is about grandpa age has had the bottles in his family for a while. His dad collected them and then his dad started to give them all away at some point. But, this man stopped his dad from giving them all away and made this project. It’s pretty nice looking and we got here when it was sunny outside but starting to become evening. Some of the glass bottles had dirt inside from windy days. I really loved looking at the sun shining through the glass. It was beautiful.

Natural and Artificial Art

I saw a large, outdoor art project called an art installation. It was big, brightly colored boulders in the middle of the desert.

The artist was from Switzerland. He wanted to show the art as a combination, in the middle of the natural world of the mountains & desert and the not-natural world of the Las Vegas hotels, casinos, and bright lights.

I would like to make a small version of this with Mama at home.