Big Red Sandbox

I went to Sand Dune Arch and played in a GIANT natural sandbox. 

I found some rocks and built a house with a staircase. I played house with my Daddy. We used sticks for the people. That was my idea.  

The sand was so soft and cool. At the beach the sand can be wet but here it was dry. 



Ants in my Hair

I have been watching ants at different spots today. The ants here are bigger than the ones at home. I could see some of them carrying food to their ant mounds.  

The nice thing about these ants is that if I leaned down and my hair touched the ground, the ants would climb up my hair!!

Mama let me do this for a while but then eventually she said, “Please stop.”




I borrowed a Junior Ranger pack for exploring the National Park. I used a hand lens, binocular, and a high desert field guide.  The field guide is another word for a book. And the book showed me that there are owls that burrow under the ground! And tarantulas that also build a burrow too. And kangaroo rats don’t drink water because they get their water from their food and they don’t pee liquid, they pee crystals!!!! I thought this was very different!!!  I learned all of that new today.  

I saw lizards and bugs that were camouflaged- the same color as the rocks and dirt. 

We hiked in the desert. It’s called the high desert and it is hot! I wore sunscreen and a hat. We were very high up. 


Another thing I saw today were a bunch of cows running across the road together. Also our car ran over some tumbleweed.














Sand Run


We saw this from the road and Daddy said “Let’s do this!” And he turned around and we climbed and climbed and climbed up very high and then raaaaaaaaaan down so fast!

I tried making a red sand angel, rolling down the hill, and also running with my family.

I packed up some red sand to bring back to my class for Nature Sharing day.


image image 

Scene: Largely abandoned & dusty downtown of Helper, Utah. 

Boojie Boots:  “I’ve always wanted one of these…” 

 Mama: “A cash register from the early 1900s?”

 Boojie Boots: “Yes…”

5th Birthday Party

image image image image image

It is dark outside now. We just left the Bonneville Salt Flats. We ran and  skipped and yelled!  It was fun. We got there at sunset and the sky was pink. We were the only people there.  I am bringing back a piece of the salt to show my class on nature day. This was so fun that I want to have my birthday party there.

Never bored, even in Nevada…

image image

We saw a lot of jails today and I was worried that I might have to go to jail but mama and daddy and I talked about why people go to jail.

I played hopscotch with a rock on gas storage tank lids at a truck stop/casino/bar/post office/gas station. A tortilla can be a snack or a mask or a cast for your arm. I used to be able to put both of my feet behind my head when I was little and I’m still pretty close.

One Girl’s Trash…

image image image

We stopped in Fernley, Nevada to see the 70 ton tortoise. I cried a little because there were signs that said ‘no climbing’ but you CAN climb the Bottle Cap Gazebo. We climbed to the top and that was a little scary because the ladder was tall and the steps were far apart.

“It was SO beautiful!” -Boojie Boots

Are we there yet?

image image image image image

Today I went to Language school and told everyone I was going on a very long vacation, maybe a hundred days and that I was going to stay in a hotel in a very far away place. Maybe someplace far… like Seattle?!?

I read and looked out the window and saw interesting things. Mama and Daddy and I talked about trains, snow, droughts, farms, tractors, goats, spiders, and Indiana Jones. I’ve never seen the movie (too scary!) but I like the music and I like to imagine what is happening during the songs.

We stopped to visit some good friends. I felt a little shy when I first got there but I ran around with their dog and made fresh juice!

The best thing I saw today out the window was a big creature full of air and dancing. It was so funny!

I Skyped with both sets of grandparents and my dogs once we settled in for the night.  Even though we can’t see it, we can hear a big (German Shepherd?) barking in the room right next door to us!

Goodnight to all doggies, near and far!