Rock Treasures.

I took a class where I learned how to paint rocks using dots. Then I painted a clear liquid on the rock called sealant. This makes water not get to the painted part. Later on, I hid some of the rocks I painted so people could find them as treasure. I like to think about people finding my treasures! 


I learned that starfish can have more than five legs. I always have known that they are not fish. They can grow new legs if they get one taken away in an accident. I know this is called a limb difference in people and animals. I have a book about this, so when I see someone with a limb difference, I already know about it. Also, starfish do not have blood inside of them. 

Sound Suits. Again.

I went to see the Sound Suits again. The artist named Nick Cave made them. Mama and I looked at every single page in a big book full of his sound suits and there were so many in the book, more than in the museum display. I wish I could have seen them all in person but it was still interesting to see them in a big book. After I looked around the museum for a while, I went to a quiet room and colored a design for my own sound suit.