Manners (Duke).

I have been to most of the states but this was a new one for me today. North Carolina. I went to a visitor center to learn about this state.

My sister wears diapers, she does not use the toilet yet but she is at the age where if she has to poop she hides and squats and peeks at us. Inside the Visitor Center I saw her doing that and all of the ladies working there had been talking to us and saying how darling we were. I told Daddy, “She’s doing a big duke right now!” And the ladies there said “Oh my” and another one said “Wellll then!” And they seemed quite surprised. Mama was not happy that I said this. Duke is a slang term for poop but it’s not a very rude word or a “bad” word. But Mama and I discussed how talking about poop, no matter what the word, is rude in public. I also learned that people in this area might have more rules and feelings about manners or special ways to behave.

Something very funny to me is that I learned that Duke is actually a college… a very expensive one that is hard to go to if you want to go there. I saw a sign that said Duke Center and that was just SO funny to me.

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