Goats, Pigs, Sheep, and Mushrooms

I visited a farm sanctuary. A sanctuary is a safe place where there is no danger. This sanctuary has mostly boy goats. The reason there are mostly boy goats at the sanctuary is because only girl goats can have babies and then make milk. So this means that farmers don’t want boy goats and they kill them and that is the danger they had before.  Instead of being killed, they live on this farm. Some goats live on this farm because they were not pretty enough to be show (on a stage) goats because their teeth were not so straight or because an older student raised the goat for a project and then later on didn’t want to have the goat sold to just be eaten.  The baby goats nibbled my dress a little bit and the edge of Mama’s purse too but their bites were so little and so gentle. 
There were also some pigs at this sanctuary. The one I petted had a really cute face and likes his belly to be rubbed. His hair was very thick and rough. Mama told me this is called coarse hair. A lot of people don’t eat goats but do eat pigs. Sometimes people meet these pigs and like how smart the pigs are and decide to stop eating pigs. That’s how these pigs got here. A man bought them so he could eat them but then his heart told him not to do that and he sent the pigs to this place to live. He visits the pigs every couple of months. I wonder if he eats any pigs at all now or if he all the way stopped.  My mom and dad and I do not eat pigs or goats but I do eat bugs. 

At another farm I also got to meet some sheep that had 4 horns and 5 horns and they were unusual looking. Usually sheep have just 2 horns. 

This farm had mushrooms and so I bought a mushroom block.  It kind of looks like a big dirt clod but it is not.  I’ll water it and keep it in a dark spot and fresh mushrooms will grow very soon.