Polar BeadsĀ 

We use polar beads at school for art projects. Right now it is a Free Play choice.

To be silly at my table group, sometimes I put things in my nose to make my table group friends laugh. I did this with pencils before. I put the eraser part into my nose holes.  Today I put polar beads in my nose. One stayed in my nose all day. I did not tell my teacher. I did not want her to be mad at me. She has never been mad at me so far. I could have told my helper teacher because she has a little doctor kit but I decided not to tell her either. When Mama and I drove away from school, I told her what I did. 

Mama took me to see my doctor. 
While we waited, the floor was nice and slippery for dancing, twirling, and sliding.
Mama and I got the polar beads out right before my appointment and so my doctor just checked to make sure no more were up in my nose still. 

Don’t put things in your nose or ears. I won’t do this again. 

*update* These are not really called polar beads. They are something else that starts with the letter P, maybe Perler beads but I can’t be sure. Mama does not know either.