You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

Daddy says this is “Rock n’ Roll history!” I got to go to a concert with loud music at night. The musicians in this band are older than my grandparents and they run around and are very active! I learned that the singer goes backstage for a little extra oxygen in the middle of the show and this helps him feel pretty great.

We have a record player at home and I know how to put the records on without scratching them. Before and after this concert I have been playing this music.

We were up very late at night! I did not see ANY other kids my age, and definitely no kids who were my sister’s age.

Organic Farm.

I visited an organic farm. This means the farm workers do not use any dangerous chemicals to help the plants. This also meant that my sister, my friend, and I could pick vegetables and herbs directly from the plant and eat them. I ate a lot of small tomatoes, cilantro, chives, peppers, and on the side near the fence, blackberries. I also was able to pick beautiful flowers and create a flower arrangement for my room. My sister learned which tomatoes were ripe. She already knew about blackberries— that they have sharp thorns and also that you don’t pick the ones that are still pink.