Old Signs at Night.

 This is where some of the signs go when they aren’t being used anymore. 

Mama has wanted to go here for a really long time. 

It was so hot. It is even hotter here because of the signs. This was very late at night.

Fun Dinner.

We went out to dinner with my friend and his family. We had fun. I love shrimp so I ordered a shrimp taco. They brought out dessert for daddy & we sang Happy Birthday and he blew out the candles.


 These are two sisters. One lives in Las Vegas, the other lives in China. 
They live by themselves without their parents because they thought they could handle it. 
They are going to eat popcorn, lollipops and an ice cream called Beige Sun.

Drive In Movie.


 This is a movie where you drive your car into a parking lot and watch the movie on a big screen outside. We brought treats.  I picked out Fruit Snack Gummies. I don’t go to the movies very much and I’ve never been to one outside, except at our house!

Hot Lunch.

 This place was VERY hot. It was windy so it felt like a hair dryer was blowing on us the whole time. We shared grilled cheese and fries. I also had milk. We met a woman named Susan who was on a long road trip. She had been on the road for over two months!   I told her all about the cave I went in. 

A Real Cave.


We hiked down a steep hill to meet a park ranger and go in this REAL cave.

 This gate looks like a big spider web. At first I asked Mama what kind of spider can make THAT web but then I saw that it was just a gate. They have a gate so no one sneaks in at night.

  We saw a lot of this. It takes a long time to get made. It’s all from nature and this is how caves are. We weren’t supposed to touch anything. The ranger turned off the lights for a while and it was all dark, no light AT ALL. We could hear the drips of the cave.

Biggest Tree is Not the Tallest.

  I hiked to the biggest tree. The branches were as big as some trees. This wasn’t the tallest tree though. Just the biggest. 

  We saw a baby (or just VERY small) chipmunk. Mama tried to get a picture but then it went away. I told Daddy, “At least we got to enjoy it while we looked at it even though we couldn’t get a picture. That’s ok. We have the memory!”  But we did see this deer. I saw how fuzzy the antlers looked because we were very close!

Underground Gardens.


Well, this place was HOT! A long time ago a man moved here and dug all this rock out.  It was a lot of work but it was not as hot underground. He grew fruit trees underground and the trees grew up through holes.  So, we were not so hot in the underground parts.

Cheese Factory.


This was a cow statue and I learned how the cows get milked at this farm. There was a little place you could put your thumb to see what it feels like for the cows.


I tried on the farm jacket, the veterinarian jacket and the factory jacket. If you work in the factory you also have to wear a helmet and goggles. If something squirts into your eyes it will just get on the glasses, not in your eyes. 

After I watched them work, I got to try lots of samples. My favorite one was purple and it is cheddar that has wine on it!! That’s how it got purple! We bought cheese curds called ‘Squeakers’ and they squeak when your teeth chew them. 

En Plein Air


En Plein Air means you’re in fresh air. It was cold outside. We used ocean water to rinse out our brushes. I did this with Mama and Gigi. It was fun. It was safe. It was safe fun.

Here is a little poem:

“I was gonna paint today at the beach. So I went to the beach. It was cold wet weather. I started painting. And painting and painting. Finally I drew shells and beautiful waves and a sunset and birds flying and a castle under water. And somebody even flying their kite on the sand. I know what I’m gonna dream about. The beach.”

The Aquarium.

  I like to look at fish. This aquarium has very thick glass and a lot of fish.

   These are called Up Side Down Jellyfish and that is exactly what they look like.
   These made me laugh. They were fish that swam straight up and down and not sideways like you normally see fish  doing.
 This is where the white alligator lives. I have been here a lot of times and I have never seen her move one bit. I saw white alligators in Colorado on my trip and those ones moved around a lot. Mama likes these sea horses. She has liked them since she was little and used to visit this place.

   This is where you are allowed to touch some sea creatures and ask questions. I wanted to ask the scientist in the orange jacket “how does the starfish work out?” And I thought that was a really good joke.
  These are so pretty. 

  So many colors.

   On our way out I saw an animal on the stage and asked if we could go back and look at it closely. Mama says she didn’t know how I could see it just walking by and said it was an insect.

  We saw this gigantic cow on our way home.


I still really like trains. 

Today I got to ride a small one. When it stopped, I fed the goats. The goats took the food with their tongues, not their teeth.

The llamas did not want to be fed, they just watched me feed the goats. 

My dress has a lot of space for holding the goat food. I used all of my time to feed the goats and I didn’t get to explore the other areas.  

I ate a snack and there were two big orange chickens there eating what I accidentally dropped. Mama said they probably would not like to be picked up.      
I also decided to climb inside an old train that does not go on the tracks anymore. It was pretty old.  

I climbed to the top and when I climbed down the old ladders I went backwards because that is how you’re supposed to do it even if you feel like going forwards.  
I had a really good day. I really like trains. I would like to sleep on one.