My tracks.

These are tracks on ice. The tracks are mine. 
My hands touched the ice on this play structure walkway because I fell down. The ice made everything so slippery. 

I think my hand prints look a little bit like bear tracks. 

200 Feet Down.

I took an elevator 200 feet down into an ocean cave. Usually hundreds of sea lions are here but they are all out eating for maybe a week longer. I saw a group of them (I counted 6) swimming together out in the ocean kind of near the cave. Then I saw one swim into the cave and poke her head up, look around, and swim back out. I saw another whale today and she blew air and water out into the air. I also saw a lot of birds. Because this is when the sea lions are out in the ocean, we get to come back again for free and I think we will do that this summer. 

Not Bigger Than My Head.

When I am on road trips I try to still eat fruits and vegetables and eggs but we sometimes get treats too. This is a chocolate chip cookie and it is almost bigger than my head. My Poppa says not to eat things bigger than your head. 

Sand Surprise.

We stopped to buy more carrots and hummus at a grocery store and then we saw this before we turned into the parking lot. This is called a sand dune. We needed to keep driving but Mama said “Let’s do it!” I took off my boots and felt the cold sand. I ran up and down the dune three times. Some people were there with sand boards and plastic discs to slide with but I think they maybe live nearby. We didn’t have those things in our car. 

Don’t Crouch.


I rode on a safari truck (had a cage so no animals can get us) and then I got to stand next to this cheetah. She was pretty big and a lady had her on a leash. To get the cheetah to stand happily, she got treats but she couldn’t find them too well and it took her a while. Her nose is not a strong smeller. 

The rules for me standing next to this cheetah were:

1) No petting, even though she looked so soft. I was close enough to pet her but I did not do that.

2) No crouching down to see her better. Sometimes I crouch down to pet dogs so Mama kept reminding me of this on the safari truck. 

3) Don’t be loud or jump around. Be calm. Cheetahs are curious and like to play. But they have sharp teeth and claws.




 I saw these animals today.  I don’t have a favorite because I love them all.  Some animals I could pet and feed. 
I drove past the bigger animals in my car and took pictures. The rule is if they come to your car, roll up your window!  I learned that the Tigers we saw are special and need help because in the wild there are only 300 or 400 of them. The reason why is because their forest is being ruined and also because of hunters getting them. 

Going to an Island.

Sometimes when you go to an island, you have to take an airplane to get there. I have taken an airplane to visit my aunt and uncle when they used to live on an island when I was very little. I did that two times. 

Today I got to an island in a different way. Daddy drove out car onto a ferry boat and the boat took us to the island!!! 

Hot Pepper, Hot Lips.

This is me when I was eating my Pho. It was noodles and vegetables and it was a little bit like soup. I use chopsticks.

I saw some basil, sprouts, lime and some pretty green circles on a plate near me. Everyone who had Pho also was taking things from that plate and sprinkling them on their soup. But this circle I tried looked like a bell pepper (which I love) but it was very hot and made my lips feel like they were on fire. This made me feel pretty upset. 


The Fairest Wheel.

This is a huge fairest wheel we rode on late at night over the water! It is a very smooth ride but it stops and swings when people are getting out of the other pods at the bottom. I heard Daddy say no no no when it did that. If the wind is going as fast as a car, 55 mph, then they won’t keep running the fairest wheel.


This wheel is 175 feet tall and has 42 little pods to get inside of and if they are all full, it can hold about 300 people!  

Way High Up.

We rode in an elevator up to the top of this special building called The Space Needle. 

The Space Needle is over 600 feet tall and it takes 41 seconds to ride the elevator up there. Parts of the elevator are glass so you can see all around. The nicest part of the elevator ride was that I could see the glass art museum. The sculptures were lit up and glowing at night!! 
We went outside way up there and walked around and it was so cold!

Music Museum. 

  This museum was all about music. I got to try a new app for learning the alphabet, play instruments, and see a whole bunch of guitars. 
We sat on a bench that was shaped like a guitar pick! This was a little bit funny because guitar picks are actually really small. When I was little I would always put the guitar picks inside the guitar hole on Daddy’s guitars and he would have to shake and shake and shake them to get the picks out. 

When I played the drums, I asked Mama to please press the funk button as my background track. I read funk all by myself!

Playground at Night.

This playground was pretty special. To go down the slides kids have to climb a very high rope tower. I had to wait my turn because two kids climbed up and then got scared and I had to wait for them to come down. Just because they got scared and climbed down didn’t mean I had to climb down. I was patient while I waited for them to finish.  

Hi Cat.

This museum had all sorts of great  Hello Kitty items.  


 Getting some ideas for lunches. It would be nice if Mama did this!

 I liked these dresses made from Hello Kitty dolls and toys and even Hello Kitty band aids!


Glass Art.

We went to an inside-outside museum with glass sculptures. They were all different colors. Some were coming out of the ground like flowers and some were hanging from the ceiling. These are so nice to look at. I liked this so much. 

No Games.

When we go places, I like to find sights that I don’t usually see at home. These are some of the different things I noticed today. 
Sometimes I see these things while we are parking the car, waiting in line, or waiting to cross the street.  
I got a pink camera for this trip but we found out it also has games on it. If I’m looking at that part of the camera and playing games, then I don’t see as many new things. Mama and Daddy said no more games, only photos. 

Donuts. Yum.


I love donuts. 

I was really surprised when Mama and Daddy asked if I would like to go get some.  I don’t usually get asked that question.
We waited in a long line and then we got to order what we wanted. We got the ones that don’t have anything in them that come from animals, like milk or eggs. 

Old School = Hotel.


Tonight I visited an old school that got turned into a hotel and restaurant. We walked around and ate dinner too. 

The building had old photos and chalkboards up for us to see and I learned what a furnace is. This one was not on. If they are on, they are hot when you touch them.  I never saw a furnace before tonight. Mama used to have furnaces in her old classrooms because she taught in very old schools just like this one. 

This school is 100 years old.

Nature Center.


      This town has a nature center and it was free! There were so many nature toys to play with. The nature teacher was so nice to me and she was really happy to meet me and play with me because she was the one who had ordered and set it up! She took a lot of pictures of me too. Her name was Libby. 

Baby Salmon.

These are salmon eggs. 

Two are beginning to hatch and you can maybe see the skinny pink thing that looks like a tail near the one with the arrow. 

They need cold water so I got to add some ice. When they are ready, they will go live in the water outside. 


This was a day where so many new things happened.


I went to a Baptism and I had never been to one before even though I have already been to a Baptism party.  Mama and Daddy had to light candles and wipe the baby’s head after she had water sprinkled on her. Sometimes they had to go stand in a different place and I stayed by myself in my seat. It was long and hot and I was very patient.  
 Afterwards we went out for a nice lunch. I ordered a taco salad without the beef because I don’t eat meat. It was very tasty and YOU CAN EAT THE ACTUAL BOWL. The bowl was made of chip! 

I also fed my little friend who was getting baptized today. I fed her small bites of French fries, calamari, and salad. That as my first time feeding a baby. She is not a little baby though, she can walk. 

This is the first time I have been to Oregon. I’ve been to a lot of other states but not Oregon. I also never had a sleeping bag before. Now I have my own camera and it takes real pictures. I can decide what I want to take pictures of and I don’t have to ask anyone else if I don’t want to. I took pictures of trains, cows, vineyards with red leaves, and the sunset. I also took pictures of people. I’m going to sleep with my camera close by so I can take pictures right away again.

Science and Crickets.

This is my friend’s apartment. A lot of the buildings on this street have gate doors.
 I liked showing Daddy all over the Academy. The only part we don’t like so much is the tube of fish. They are all too grey. Daddy likes the Filipino Reef because those fish are bright. 


I ate all of them except one. I think I will save it until Friday and show it for Friday show and tell.*
*Update*  I asked my teacher if I could bring my last cricket to eat for show and tell. She said no. The reason is because the show and tell has to be from nature or something you made and these crickets weren’t crickets I found in nature. I bought them. 😐

Trying New Places.

There are not a lot of places to eat dinner near my house. Sometimes it is a good idea to try something new.

   I noticed a lot of old house parts were decorations. We did this with our old windows too.
 This is called ramen. This is what Mama had. Daddy got his with a little bowl of red sauce to make his get all spicy. Ramen is noodles with toppings. I ordered mine with cabbage and a hen egg. Since mine had less toppings, I tried mama’s seaweed and tofu. All of it was very tasty.


This is how you eat the noodles. They are so long.  I have known how to use chopsticks for a very long time but they can be a little tricky.
 We shared two desserts. One was a custard made from tofu. I was kind of sad about tofu for dessert when Mama told me about it. But it was really good. We will try to make it at home. It was Daddy’s favorite. I loved the ice cream. It was black sesame seed flavored and it had other little tasty bits with it like toasted coconut flakes. 

It is always a good idea to at least TRY something new.