Beauty Shop Museum.

I visited a beauty museum inside of a beauty shop. The man who owns it collects beauty items and also assembles beauty art pieces. Mama talked to him about how he is going to have a display at the San Francisco International Airport Harvey Milk Terminal. Harvey Milk was a man who worked in San Francisco government and he was shot and killed. He made a well-known speech called The Hope Speech.

Harvey Milk described how gay people should not hide— that they should be proud and seen. He felt this would make other non-gay people discriminate less (treat them better) and make less bad things happen to people who were gay. 

Anyway, I learned that the owner of this museum and salon will have his art featured at this remodeled terminal. I feel happy that I saw all of this in the place it usually is. I think it is pretty cool that the art will travel and be seen by a lot of people!

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