Splattered paint art.

I visited an artist’s home. He is an artist who uses a lot of bright colors and uses a style of splattering or spattering the paint. He used his artistic technique on the outside of this home and also the inside. Most people use just one or two colors on the outside of their home. This artist used many! He even painted some of the trees, rocks, and a small piano that stays outside.

Salvation Mountain.

Salvation Mountain is very large outdoor artwork museum. It was made of adobe, straw, and many thousands of gallons of paint but it started out just as a small art project with dirt and painted cement. It took 28 years to build!! I saw some parts that were worn out and cracking and I could see that there were bales of hay, tires, and big sticks— maybe trees. Desert art can be difficult because of how hot the weather is. 
The artist originally worked on his art project for four years and then it collapsed into a big pile. He was probably disappointed a little but he decided to learn from that happening and he pushed through and kept creating. He also moved his project to a bit better of a spot where collapsing was less likely.
The artist was named Leonard Knight and he died in 2014. Salvation Mountain has volunteers who work there to help the painting or to answer questions visitors might have.
The art is ok to climb and explore but visitors should only walk only the yellow part when exploring the main part. The artwork is full of sayings and ideas from the Bible. 

Beauty Shop Museum.

I visited a beauty museum inside of a beauty shop. The man who owns it collects beauty items and also assembles beauty art pieces. Mama talked to him about how he is going to have a display at the San Francisco International Airport Harvey Milk Terminal. Harvey Milk was a man who worked in San Francisco government and he was shot and killed. He made a well-known speech called The Hope Speech.

Harvey Milk described how gay people should not hide— that they should be proud and seen. He felt this would make other non-gay people discriminate less (treat them better) and make less bad things happen to people who were gay. 

Anyway, I learned that the owner of this museum and salon will have his art featured at this remodeled terminal. I feel happy that I saw all of this in the place it usually is. I think it is pretty cool that the art will travel and be seen by a lot of people!

World Famous Crochet Museum.

This is a small museum and it is very full of crochet items made by an artist named Shari Elf. She has an art studio next to the World Famous Crochet Museum. My sister and I looked at everything up high and down low. Shari has a little sign that basically states that these items are for looking at and not touching or moving around. This museum building used to be a photo processing booth. Before photos were on phones, cameras had to have their photos developed in order to be seen. I enjoyed the colors and seeing how many items were crocheted. I learned some crochet when my sister used to live in the hospital and volunteers did activities for people living in patient-family housing. One of the volunteers taught me how!

A Swap Meet.

I visited an outdoor marketplace full of treasures. This is a place where people can come in and set up a little outdoor shop. There are also a few shops that are like regular buildings but they look very old. I got a pair of blue ankle boots with pointy toes. They are old and not quite yet my size but my feet are growing so eventually they will be right. We saw a lot of colorful art as well such as stained glass windows and this beautiful Crystal Cave. Sadly, the Crystal Cave was being remodeled when we visited so we had to stay outside and just peek in. Next time, I hope we can go inside.

Streets of Bakersfield

At my house we are always listening to music. When we go to see live music shows, we usually get to bring a treat. This time we all tried Red Vines. We saw Dwight Yoakam. He is a country music singer. We stayed up very late watching him. My sister fell asleep for part of the concert. I wore some solar eclipse glasses for the show and that meant I could see almost nothing.