Surprise, Hockey!

Right when I was working on my school work with Mama, we got a phone call asking if we wanted free tickets to go to a hockey game! If we wanted to go, we needed to leave right away to get the tickets and then ride the train. We said YES!
So I went to my first hockey game. It was in a big building called an arena. Hockey can be played on grass or on ice. If hockey is on ice then the players wear ice skates. This game was on ice. 

I ate clam chowder while I watched two teams play ice hockey.

 I asked Daddy a lot of questions so I could learn about the game. 

The players tried to get the little black circle, I think it is called a pock, into the other team’s net and that is called a goal. A player guards each net so not too many goals happen. The players use hockey sticks to push the pock. If someone does not follow the rules or fights, they get in trouble and I think it is called a pintel.

I liked watching hockey. I learned how to cheer and do special clapping and stomping. It was noisy and it felt exciting to be there. 

I Can Cook Alone. 

My dessert making teacher, Mr. D., gave me a gift of an apron and chef hat! I am really making lots of desserts with him and now I am in a new habit of waking up and making my parents breakfast. I make eggs, toast, and also cut up fruit. I have had my own kitchen knives for a long time. I was three when I got my own knives but I had to be watched.  They are plastic but still very sharp. When I got bigger, my school garden teacher at school taught me the right ways to hold the foods while cutting.I like to make tea also. I do all of this by myself without help and sometimes when my parents are still sleeping!  One thing I don’t like about making breakfast is when the toast pops out of the toaster to surprise me. So, when I make toast, I go into the other room until it is all done toasting. I have learned that you NEVER put anything into the toaster besides toast. I also learned that nothing metal can go in the microwave and if you put something in a microwave for too long, it might get so hot that a little fire might happen. 

Gymnastics Woman. 

I went to a radio station because a woman who is good at gymnastics came to visit and I got to ask her questions on the radio. She has been in the Olympics. Her shoes were shiny! I asked her what toppings she liked on her pizza. I had to speak into the microphone. I spoke into the microphone at a radio station before when I won school writing contest. I was invited to read my story on the radio and I did it. I was not nervous about doing this but I did feel a little bit shy at the beginning but I still used a loud voice. 


I went to a puppet show. This man makes all of these puppets himself and he has been doing this all of his life. It is his favorite thing to do and so he made it into his job when he was a teenager and now he is an adult. I loved watching the small and big puppets and would like come back here for another show. 

Hospital Visit.

I took a tour of the special place in the baby hospital where newborn babies go to stay if they are born earlier than they are supposed to be. I will be a big sister soon and my little sister will be born early, so that is why I learned about this place today. I already knew some things but today I learned more. 
The hospital woman who showed me around also gave me some medical supplies for very small babies. I learned more about tubes that go in the baby’s nose or mouth, how medicine goes into the baby’s veins through a very tiny straw, and how my baby sister will have her food go in through a special hole in her side that they make so she can be fed. 

I am using my real medical supplies to take care of Peppa Pig. I used an IV and special skin tape on Peppa. I pretended she had ear surgery and that I was helping her. My baby sister will need surgery as soon as she is born. 
When the hospital helper talked to me, I listened to her and took notes on the important things she said. 

I felt good after I left the hospital today. I had felt kind of scared about seeing babies in the hospital but now I don’t feel that way. If I feel like that again I can talk about it and ask questions. It is ok to feel scared sometimes because it is just another feeling. 

Stay Low.

I have climbed up a lot of steep things when I go to new places.

The hardest one I did was when I climbed out of a crater in Death Valley.  I did not take the path out of the crater! I climbed out in the gravely rocks.  I have learned that if I stay low to the ground then I probably won’t fall down. 

This was very steep, so I slithered up like a snake. I saw snakes in the water in Texas.  They did not climb. 

Another Dessert Class.

Daddy and I got to the dessert making place early and so I waited where I could see the door and that way I would know the exact second Mr. D got inside the building and I could start helping him right away!

I made dessert with Mr. D again!  The class has been moved to Tuesdays now. I think it was always on Tuesdays but my first week it had to be on a Thursday maybe because Mr. D went somewhere for vacation or something. 

We made Snickerdoodles which is a type of cookie. My favorite part of making them is rolling the dough into cinnamon and sugar before cooking them.  I was the only person helping Mr. D but lots of people ate some cookies after he and I worked on them. 
Mr. D and I talk while we make desserts and he makes some jokes. I think next week we will make some sort of bars with ingredients like butterscotch and shredded coconut and I have never made them before.  When I am at home, I like to do this with my Poppa. He and I make food together too but mostly breakfast foods like eggs or toast. He also taught me how to make coffee. My favorite thing to make with Poppa is fruitcake. We made fruitcake for Mama’s birthday. It is so tasty and it is very special because the recipe is old in my family. 

Body Language.

I visited some penguins. There were two types of penguins and they were both pretty small. I brought my binoculars in my purse so that I could look at everything really closely. I learned that penguins have different types of ways of talking with their bodies. It’s called body language and it is how they send you a message of Go away! or Look at me! Or another message. 

My dog has body language too. He shows his teeth when he is excited or happy. A lot of people get mixed up about his body langauge because mostly when animals show their teeth it means the animal is warning you and that they might bite. But not my dog. For him, this means I love you! Or it might mean I am so happy to see you! or he might show his teeth to say that Yes! I do want my dinner!! He is a very happy dog so he shows his teeth to us all the time. We call it his smile. People have body language too. Sometimes I can tell how someone feels by looking at their body and how the person is standing or sitting. But, you can’t always tell…

He is not smiling here. His body language is serious because Mama told him SIT. 

Bringing Books With Me.

I like to keep 4 or 5 library books with me all the time when I go places because sometimes I have to wait. Today I took a train to get to where I needed to go and I had library books with me and so I read the whole time while I waited. 

My Dad does this too. He usually has a book he carries around and reads when he has time, like maybe when he is on a bus.

The only bad thing is that my purse can’t hold library books but I always keep my wallet in my purse and most of the time also a bug catcher and sometimes binoculars too.  

No Branches.

This was a great tree to try and climb even though it did not have branches I could reach. I found this tree on a crowded street and I think about 100 people walked by this tree while I worked on climbing it. I climbed as high as I could, just on the trunk. It had little hand and foot holds. 

Cream Puffs.

Tonight I learned how to make a dessert called cream puffs in a dessert-making class. My dessert making teacher is named Mr. D. I liked that he is called that because D is for desserts and also the D is his name too! The cream puffs are full of chocolate pudding and then we put little hats on top. 

Mr. D asked what I would like to make next time and I told him Snickerdoodles, which is a type of cookie with cinnamon and he asked what my Plan B was and I said white cake. He and I decided together that we would dye white frosting and make it pink! I cannot wait!

Treats, Spending Money, and Thank You Notes.

I have allowance that I can use for buying things that I want. I also do chores at home but I do not get paid for them. I do chores because everyone in our family has things they have to do so our house does not get too messy. Nobody gets paid for that. You just have to do it because it is right. I have had a chore list since I was 3.  It was a small chore list and the list was in pictures. Now I read and so my list is in words and has more chores on it. I even pick up dog poop! That is one of my jobs!!!

If I see something I like somewhere, Mama and Daddy do not buy it for me. 

They say 

Do you have enough money? 


Decide if that is what you want to spend your money on. 

And sometimes I think to myself 
No, I do NOT want to use my money on this!! 

But sometimes I think,

Yes, definitely I will spend my money on this!

Some of my money goes into my wallet for spending. Some of it goes into my cash box in an envelope for saving. I am still saving for a very nice sewing machine. I got money for two birthdays so I am pretty close to having the right amount. When I am back home I will probably be able to buy it!! Then I will also have a few sewing lessons with my friend’s mom too. 
Then some of my money goes into my cash box into an envelope for charity. I have not decided which charity I will donate the money to yet. I like dogs a lot and a lot of dogs need help. I know this because we have had dogs who didn’t have homes before they came to live with us.  But I also know about what cancer is because I know special people to me with cancer. I would like to help people who have that sickness of cancer too. 

Well, sometimes use my wallet money to get treats and today I was about to order and the employee just GAVE me a treat! This was extra nice. If I worked in a coffee shop, I would like to give out treats to people too. I am writing a long thank you note and making a little drawing too! 

Art and Garden Museum.

I went to a beautiful museum with art and gardens to enjoy. I stayed here from the opening time to the closing time! 

The type of art that looks like beautiful rugs hanging on a wall are called tapestries. That was a new word I learned today. 
This was one of my favorite paintings at the museum. I bought a postcard of it. It is called El Faleo. It is very old, older than 100 years. 

This is called stained glass. Daddy and I looked at it for a while. It is usually better to not just look at art really fast. Each room at this museum had a lot to look at so it was important to not rush or go crazy. 

Some paintings were stolen from this museum and they have never been found! I found the empty frames. 

I created my own design on a little scarf using dyes from nature. I picked blue and the blue color came from indigo. The yellow was from tumeric. Tumeric is a spice I have eaten at home and it can make a stain too.

I also painted a still life. Still life is when you paint or draw something that is staying still, like this vase of flowers. I know that the case was not blue, it was clear. But the tablecloth was blue so I made a small change. 

The outside gardens were beautiful. I accidentally dropped a pencil from the second level to the first level but it did not hit anyone.

The museum had a nice cafe. Daddy and I shared some things that I had not tried before. We shared fries that were made with chickpeas and those had a dipping sauce called sriracha aioli. We also had olive tapenade with little crackers called Crostini. The last food we ate were pickled farm vegetables and they were tasty too! I liked trying these foods with Daddy. 

Rainy Soccer and Haiti. 

Today in the rain I watched a soccer team from a far away placed called Haiti. Their fans had loud cheers and some of their cheers were in another language… French! I like hearing talking and songs in another language. 

Haiti is pretty far away from me. 

This is where Haiti is. I have been to the little islands at the bottom of Florida but I have not been to Haiti. I took a Lyft ride with a man from Haiti a few days ago and I liked his voice. He is going to save his money and move back to Haiti and open up an ice factory. I would like to see an ice factory.

Purple Train + Football.

I love to ride in trains. I took this purple train to get to a stadium to watch a football game. We were given free tickets to watch the football game. Daddy and I got on and rode for about an hour to get to the football stadium. This was my very first football game!

I know that everywhere else in the world, football is what soccer is and that people only play this type of football in the United States. Daddy told me this. 


The field was bright green and there were players in blue tops and players in white tops. I asked Daddy a lot of questions and he answered them so I understood why they pull each other down to the ground a lot. Daddy said this is called a tackle. I noticed that one player had long hair coming out of the back of their helmet and I thought maybe some girls were on these teams but Daddy said only men were on these two teams and I asked him why only men. 

I ate a lot of foods that you eat at sport games. I had fries, a cheese sandwich, and Daddy and I shared a vanilla and strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce. Tomorrow night we will eat salad!

Library Concert + Cafe.

I went to a concert at the library. The singer was very good. She sang for about an hour. We sat on cement. 

After I watched the concert, I returned my 20 library books and checked out 41. My receipt was almost as long as my body. 

The library has a very nice cafe with very nice food, not just chips and things like that.    I saw a boy eating a very pretty cupcake and his mom had a glass of champagne! This is different than my library near my house.
I picked out what I wanted and since I love quiche, I ordered a sweet pea and marscapone (this is a hard word to say!!) quiche in the shape of a flower or a star with a lot of points. It came with salad and I ate every last bite!