Buddy Holly. 

I saw a Buddy Holly performance today.  Daddy and I got dressed up and went to this special show.

My favorite character was Buddy Holly’s wife.  My favorite parts were when the Snowbird ladies were singing and using a harmonica. 

When I play harmonica at home, one of my dogs makes a big noise but the other dog doesn’t do anything because her ears don’t hear very much sound.

There were no kids except for me.  A lady said  “oh, are you a real Buddy Holly fan??” And Daddy told her about all the Buddy Holly things I saw when we went on an adventure a while ago. She was surprised.

This was as long as two movies, I think. They gave us a break and during the break I had a peanut butter cookie.
I’m glad I got that cookie because Daddy and I were supposed to go out for tea and quiche together afterwards but the tea place was closed up when the performance was over. It’s ok because Daddy and I will go another day.



In Golden Gate park some ladies asked Mama how to get to the Golden Gate Bridge by bus or walking but we thought it was too hard to explain it from where we were in the park and walking would have taken so long so we just took them there in our car!

These ladies were teachers and from another place and the place is called Switzerland. I have not been there yet but Mama and Daddy both have.  They spoke German too but not really the same type as Daddy and I do so we all just spoke English on our drive.

Usually I am in the back seat by myself so it was nice to have them there next to me and I told them all about my day.  The ladies said they would send me some chocolates from Switzerland and that the chocolate there is the best.  

When they saw the bridge they both said “ohhhhh!” Because I think they liked how it looked.


Taco Truck.

I went to a picnic and a taco truck came. Mama and Daddy sat far away and I waited in a long line all by myself and then ordered a vegetarian taco all by myself.  Daddy helped me carry it back to the place where we were sitting because the taco was flat.

I felt really brave doing this and it wasn’t easy to do at first but now I know how to do it. 

Crooked and Crowded.

This is a crooked street in San Francisco. Mama says there is one that is more crooked but that this is the pretty one that everyone wants to see.
 I walked down the steps.

I ran up the steps.
 I saw all the other people who wanted to see this street too.

I liked seeing this street and I give it thumbs up. 

Super Star.

I tried a new restaurant tonight and the food was from a place called Burma.  Mama is going to show me on the globe where this food comes from. It is really good.  I had fresh rolls and grilled calamari. My favorite is the one with legs but I like the ones shaped like rings too.  Afterwards we walked to a dessert store with lots of toys. I had an ice cream called Rocky Road. Near my house we have a lot of “pop holes” on the streets and this ice cream name reminded me of that.

New to Me.

Usually when I visit the Academy of Science, I see the same things. But today I saw a pretend whale heart. It was not the real heart but the same size as a whale heart. I crawled inside. I did the same with a dinosaur heart on another adventure a while ago. I also went up to the roof where the plants and fog are. Mama says I have been up there before but I think I forgot because I was a baby. Today I jumped over the lights over and over and that was very fun. So, today we tried some new things!!

When I was a little girl, the bathroom door broke and we were trapped inside until someone could come kick the door in and get Mama and I out. I don’t remember this but Mama told me all about it.

Eritrean Food.

I had my first Eritrean food for dinner tonight. A big plate came out with different soft little hills of food to try and they were all so good except one that was a little too spicy for my mouth! But I still ate that bite, I just drank cold water afterwards.

I did not use a fork or spoon for this delicious food. I tore little pieces of the bread (Daddy helped me make them the right size) and used those little pieces to pick up the food.
I talked to our server about how to make the bread but it sounded like we needed to know more steps to really understand.  Mama and I are going to watch a video on how to make the special bread so we can learn more about it. I think I might have dreams about this tasty food!

If I have a dream about this food, that will definitely be better than a dream I had last night where someone gave me 100 balloons and I floated up over a river.  It felt dangerous and I did not like it.  Every time I tried to go back to sleep this would pop back into my head again and it was past bedtime.

So Mama said I had 3 choices:

1) when someone hands me 100 balloons, just say “no thanks.”

2) take the balloons but don’t land until you’re somewhere soft and safe

3) enjoy the balloon ride, see where you go and enjoy the adventure!

These made me feel better and I went back to sleep!


Big Dirt Mountains.

This is a place where I go to get the Redwood fluff for our yard. Mama and Daddy bought a little of it last summer when I was three.  If you can be careful then you can climb up the piles of dirt or rocks or bark. The problem with the dirt is the wind blows it into your eyes. Mama got some bark in her eye this time.

I told the man who works here about what I’m going to do when I get home (make a fairy house with Mama) and then I told him what I’m having for dinner (fruit salad) and then I told him what my grandma said one time when I climbed onto grandpa’s back (“load ‘er up!”) and then the man who works here made a joke about me drinking caffeine and asked me if I would like an espresso. 

Chinatown Before Noon.

 I was the first child at the park. Everyone else was doing exercises for their bodies or sleeping because they don’t have a house.

 This lady was kicking her legs, one at a time for exercise. Another lady moved her arms around like twirling but she didn’t go in a circle. 
   A big peacock mural. I know that big art on a wall is called a mural.

 This one is also a nice mural.

   I saw a lot of laundry hanging to dry. Even underpants!

 This is where fortune cookies are made.

Daddy and I made a fortune for a worker to put inside a fresh cookie. We made it for Mama.

 Here are some workers making the fortune cookies. You can eat the ones they messed up. It was hot in the fortune cookie factory because of the fire I could see in the cookie cooker.

 This is called Dim Sum. So delicious. My favorite was dry shrimp noodle dim sum and then cilantro shrimp dim sum. My least favorite was spinach dim sum. Mama and Daddy said we needed to stop eating the Chinese donut because it was so greasy. Oil squirted out with every bite and I liked that. The Chinese donut is that long brown thing on the plate there.
I like egg custards!   

This was a big and bumpy fruit I had never ever seen before. We did not buy it.

I liked to look at all the different toys.

   Mama and Daddy did not climb this, just me.

These lanterns were up in the sky.

 This is a Chinese Bun filled with black bean curd. I ate all of it except I did share it with Mama and Daddy. Sometimes I have these in my lunch at school but those ones are smaller. Kids usually ask me if it is chocolate inside but it isn’t. It is bean curd.

   This musician played some songs I knew. His instrument has one string only. I gave him a little money.

 This pretend man gave me my fortune. The lady walking down the street told me my fortune would be good.

   I watched a pile of garbage swirl around in a little trash tornado. I had never seen that happen before.

These pigeons were pretty brave. They came right back after each time I ran close to them.  

This is not in Chinatown but it is my first home in San Francisco. I lived in this apartment and we drove by it today. We also drove by Daddy’s old offices and Mama’s old schools. Oh, and I saw the hospital where I was born! I am from San Francisco but I don’t live there right now.

Firework Dinner.

I ordered pasta with red sauce. It was pretty tasty but I wish I ordered what Mama and Daddy ordered. They both got the same type of salad with capers and salmon and a hard boiled egg. Mama shared hers with me and it was so good. Next time I visit this place, I’ll order that instead.

We watched fireworks on Daddy’s phone during dinner and then when we went up to our room, we could see five places in the sky where fireworks were popping. We couldn’t see them very well and I didn’t really care. Daddy bought some poppers a few days ago. We will throw them tomorrow!!! I am excited!

Little Trains.

Inside of an old train car we met some adults who make little play areas for trains. It was like a big train table. 

Most people came in here and looked quickly and left but Mama and Daddy let me stay and look at all of the trains until I was ready to go. 

Since we stayed for so long, the men who made these trains started up a few more trains and I got to see all types of trains go fast on the tracks. 

This would be very fun to go back to again.


This is where a lot of airplanes go when they aren’t used anymore. Some looked new so maybe some just wait here. It was nice to see so many planes together all of a sudden while on a drive.

Rock Painting.


I can climb most things just fine in my boots and a dress. Sometimes I like to hold on with my toes though.

These rock paintings are pretend ones but they are just like how the real ones    look. Native Americans made this type of art.

Dam Power Plant.


Today I took a big elevator down, down, down into the Hoover Dam Powerplant. This is actually the best place to be in an earthquake because it is very well built. 

If you were ‘mucking the puddle’ it meant you were working with wet cement. If you were ‘goldbricking’ you weren’t working hard. But building the BIG dam was hard work. 


I went out for dinner and music. Even though it was dark outside, it was hot and like a hair dryer. 

This band sang a lot of songs that Mama and Daddy already knew. My new favorite song is called Ride Sally Ride.


Out My Window.

When you look out the window here, this is what you see. That is a lake. We are still in the desert and it is so hot. I am not allowed to lean against the window just in case it could pop out. Daddy always says this in hotels.

Chocolate Factory Tour.

I watched chocolate be made. Chocolate comes from a bean. I liked to watch the workers stir.   

They all wore earplugs so their ears don’t have to hear the machines. They also wear goggles so nothing splashes in their eyes, just like at the cheese factory. Hard hats protect their heads.

At the end, I bought a chocolate covered strawberry. Daddy bought some chocolate coins but he got a surprise that they were twelve dollars. He still bought them. If you buy chocolate at the factory they give you an ice pack.


Water Slide.


I left the very nice hotel and we went to this one that looked like a castle. 

The good thing about this place is there was a waterslide. We all went on it and liked it a lot. 

This would be fun to have in our yard.


Late Dinner.

I ate dinner at a place that has pretend animals that look real and move and make noises. Our table was in a cave. 

I started eating dinner a few hours after my regular bedtime. 

You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

Sometimes when you take a trip you end up not getting to do what you wanted to. 

We wanted to see the swimming mermaids but they weren’t in the tank for a few more hours.

We wanted to go to the top of this tall tower but then Mama and Daddy said it was too much money to spend for all of us to go up there. 

We drove around too much and didn’t get to do anything fun but I did take a nap. 

Sushi for Daddy’s Birthday.

For Daddy’s real birthday night we went out for sushi. We love to eat sushi. Someday I am going to go to Japan. Mama and Daddy have been there.   
I know how to use chopsticks.


This was Daddy’s Mochi dessert. We sang Happy Birthday to him and he shared the Mochi, he didn’t just eat it all by himself.

I saw that all the sushi chefs were boys and so I asked the waiter why they were all boys and not any girls and he said that the chef in charge of all of those chefs is a girl. 



  A Buffet.

  A buffet is where you walk around with a plate and pick out exactly what you want to eat. You don’t order anything except maybe a drink. 

This is my Plate. I Picked out: Pizza, Pancake, and a Pickle. They all start with the letter P. I made a joke and said, “I’m taking a P-Break!” 

Later I got some broccoli and a tart and those didn’t start with the letter P. 

I Walked Five Miles.

And I saw some interesting things.   
This dress was made of chocolate but it’s up high and I couldn’t get close to it.

This is a ceiling made of big glass flowers. It’s so colorful.


  This is where the flowers and plants were.

Big pretend jellyfish.
A mermaid made of flowers.


The biggest chocolate fountain in the world.
Waiting to take a quick ride on a sky tram. It’s a little bit like a subway.