Salvation Mountain.

Salvation Mountain is very large outdoor artwork museum. It was made of adobe, straw, and many thousands of gallons of paint but it started out just as a small art project with dirt and painted cement. It took 28 years to build!! I saw some parts that were worn out and cracking and I could see that there were bales of hay, tires, and big sticks— maybe trees. Desert art can be difficult because of how hot the weather is. 
The artist originally worked on his art project for four years and then it collapsed into a big pile. He was probably disappointed a little but he decided to learn from that happening and he pushed through and kept creating. He also moved his project to a bit better of a spot where collapsing was less likely.
The artist was named Leonard Knight and he died in 2014. Salvation Mountain has volunteers who work there to help the painting or to answer questions visitors might have.
The art is ok to climb and explore but visitors should only walk only the yellow part when exploring the main part. The artwork is full of sayings and ideas from the Bible. 

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