Sea Glass Beach + Museum

I went to a beach that has tumbled glass from when glass used to be dumped into the ocean. I learned about how this was first just sort of trash about one hundred years ago but now we know it actually is good for the sea life nearby. I went to the museum about sea glass and learned how important the glass is. Lots of people take the glass and look at it at home or make jewelry out of it. It is not illegal to take it but if everyone takes some it will all be gone. At National Parks I NEVER take anything so it felt unusual to take some glass home with me. So, like I said, I took some home, but I also threw some ‘seed glass’ into the ocean that wasn’t very sharp but was small and will tumble and make new smooth glass eventually. I bought this glass at the museum. I took less than I gave back. It is very fun just to look at and touch the glass! My baby sister, ChaCha, tried to put a lot of sea glass into her mouth! I also hiked down a steep hill and it might be tough for some people to get down a hill with a baby but my Daddy said he is “sure-footed” (like a goat!)