The Symphony. 

I went to the symphony early so that I could meet the musicians and see their instruments. I already know some musicians but I had not seen every single one of these instruments before and I liked this part.

Afterwards, I listened to the symphony play music. The symphony is a LOT of musicians playing their instruments together and cooperating. 


I saw a performance called The Cat In The Hat, by Dr. Seuss. Daddy and I went together. The play was like the book but certain parts they made last longer, so it wasn’t just like reading the book. 

My favorite parts were when they made a mess in slow motion and watching the Cat in the Hat balance a lot of things on his head and tail. 

When the show was over, Daddy and I hurried out and met all the actors. They all signed my ticket. 

When you go to a performance you have to be quiet during the performance and it is nice to clap at the end. You also should try and have fun!