Super Moon.


We drove down a long road we sometimes take to the ocean and when we stopped, the sun was setting and it looked like this. 

But we turned the other way to see the moon. At first it was very hard to see but it got more and more special looking the longer we looked at it.
I looked at the moon for a little bit and then the Milky Way and then Big Dipper too and then I looked at a whole bunch of other stars in the sky. 

It was nice to look at the moon but mostly what I liked was that I had a surprise there… My friend was also at the hill and I had not expected him to be at the moon-watching place.  So we danced, and ran, crashed, and just acted so silly. Mama and Daddy kept asking us to please be quiet because everyone was trying to enjoy the quiet moon and we were acting crazy.  Mama got irritated with me because I was not listening but I still had a lot of fun anyway.

Mermaids Eat This.

Mama gave this to me from her dinner. 

I thought it was an oyster and so I tilted my head back and tried to eat it that way but that did NOT work. So I tried a lot of different ways and finally I got to eat it. It was tasty. It was a mussel.
I ordered fried Brussels sprouts and roasted octopus. I ordered it by myself, no one helped me at all. I have been ordering for myself for a pretty long time, since I could talk. I’m really good at it now. If the restaurant is loud then I really have to talk louder so my voice doesn’t get lost in the noise.   After that, I had dessert too. This was a very, very good restaurant. 

Farm Trails.

We drive by this sign sometimes. Today we followed the arrows. 
 And this is where we ended up after we followed the signs. We all liked the turquoise and orange colors.
We tried goat cheese, buffalo cheese, cow cheese, whey soda and goat frozen yogurt. I LOVED it all, even the strong flavored ones.

 This is where you can sample cheeses. Lots of people from a bike race came in wearing bike helmets and they mostly bought frozen yogurt. 

This cheese is called Surf and Turf. Surf means the ocean because the cheese has seaweed on it. Turf means land and that’s where the cows live. This cheese is from cow milk. 
I went to a farm with lots of animals. Most of the goats were afraid but not this white one.

This goat and I hugged. 

When I was done hugging her and petting her, she followed me for a while. 

These were pigs. I have a book that has the word “muck” in it. I asked Daddy what that meant and today I got to actually see muck. Pigs like muck.
If you can see the biggest pig in the back, she was sleeping and a chicken stood on her belly!
What surprised me about chickens was that they jog! I saw lots of them jogging to get places. That made me laugh. Mama and Daddy laughed too. Those chickens looked very silly. 


I took a ride on a tractor and sat on some hay. This is called a hay ride. I’ve done this before and I like it.

Our last stop was at an apple stand. Mama asked some questions about a type of Apple she had not tried yet. I picked out 10 apples. When I put them in the bag, I did not toss them in because that can bruise them. I hold them all the way to the bottom of the bag.   
Today I ate 4 apples. Not in a row.  

World Foods.









 I tried ALL of the foods we bought for our dinner. Some foods I liked and some I did not care for.  I like cabbage and I like bread but the cabbage pierogi was too bitter. Spanakopita was my favorite. I always like hummus and this one was good too. I like Eritrean bread a lot. Of course my favorite was picking out the pastries. I tried Mama’s Baklava and I ordered myself a $1.00 Ginger Cookie. Daddy gave me the money and I did the rest. I forgot to say thank you to the woman who handed me the cookie but I did remember it for the woman I gave my money to. 


This musician pulled strings that connected the bells and made them ring in a pattern. It was loud but I wanted to be close so I plugged my ears. The musician wore ear covers like I have. I have been wearing those ear covers since I was a baby. I used to wear them at concerts and now I use them when I play drums.

 Daddy and I tried to do the dance but it wasn’t one we already knew.

  There were 4 musicians. One was an accordion. One had a violin, I think. It was different because it plugged in.

 When we left, everyone was still dancing.


This is a soccer game I went to. There were a lot of people there and they sang songs. It was too difficult to hear the words but it was very loud.

In soccer you are trying to kick the ball into the goal that belongs to the other team.  If our team gets a goal we yell “Earthquakes!!!!” And if the other team scores, we yell “Awww…”

One player got hurt and I did not like that. It was a player wearing white.  He fell down to the ground and lots of people ran to him, even a doctor.  He hurt his leg.
This game started at my bedtime so I was up very late. This was a fun night. I would do this again if I got invited again.

Blurry Art.

This artist is not alive anymore. He made a lot of paintings that were a little bit blurry looking. This was on purpose. They are pretty AND blurry. Some people might not like it if you said “your art is blurry” but this art is supposed to be blurry. Most had water in them.  Mama and I looked at the paintings and then for each one, we would whisper “blurry” to each other. It was like a little joke but it was true. 

Can see: Golden Gate Bridge top, Daddy’s office, pyramid building, ocean.

Cannot see: Mama’s schools, my old apartment.

  This is Mama’s favorite to look at. It is near the elevator. The sculptures make shadows on the walls. You cannot touch the sculptures but they look very sharp.

I love to run fast. I’m a really fast runner. I stop the first time Mama says to stop. We hold hands when we cross the streets.

Animals in the Sea.


This little fish swam next to my face. I felt like she was looking at me. All of the sea stars were showing their underneaths. 
  I stared into this tank for a long time and found an animal buried in the sand with just an eye poking out and a mouth (I think??) too. I found a worker but he did not know the answer, he worked in security and said he thought it was a ray.  He found a biologist who answered my questions even though the biologist he brought me was a snake biologist! It WAS a ray. The ray was buried in the sand for protection. Even though no other animals in the tank wanted to eat that ray, the ray’s body and mind still told it to do that. This is called an instinct.


The diver could speak to us because she had a special microphone that let her voice out of a speaker that was not underwater. She had a breathing mask and hose. Usually divers have a scuba tank.  
 I am looking right at the Black-Tipped Reef Shark. It has some black  on the tips of her fins and she
swims near the reef.
Other interesting things: black widow spider. I told Mama I would really like to touch one to test their smoothness but she said NO. I already knew that black widows are poisonous. A lot of animals that have red on them are poisonous. Not all of them.   


Also, I liked seeing this penguin drying off, standing for a very, very long time.