I went to an indoor museum that has a lot of antiques that used to be near the beach in San Francisco at a place called Playland.  My Poppa used to go there. In that spot now there are condominiums which are kind of like apartments. This isn’t even in San Francisco anymore! I think I would like to go here again and invite my Poppa. 

I tried Skeeball, watched Laughing Sal laugh for a long time and I even got to be in a magic act!

I *Still* Love Trains.

 All of these trains and the hills and everything behind the glass was put together by some people in this train club. On special days they run the trains and even if you’re not in the club, you can  watch the trains drive all around. I went to a place like this near the Hoover Dam once but this place was so very much bigger. 

I noticed the this little horse fell down off of the model area and it was stuck in this spot. I found a man who works on the trains here but it didn’t seem to bother him that it was like that. 
 This is the computer that helps to operate all of the little trains. I noticed some of the guys used their phones to make the trains start and stop.