Asking for what you want.

Today I am doing my learning at a coffee shop while my Mama and Daddy also work too. I ordered myself a chocolate chip cookie. 

If I want to order something in a restaurant, I have to order it myself and that has been true for me since I was about three and a half. Now I can even be in line by myself and use my own money without an adult standing next to me. 

Today I ordered a chocolate chip cookie. When I got it, I realized it was not warm. When the coffee shop worker had asked me if I wanted the cookie warmed up, I had said “yes please” so I went back over there and said nicely that I would please like it warmed up. I am glad I asked for what I wanted because cookies are good pretty much no matter what, but they are DELICIOUS when they are warm and melty!!

Bug skeleton.

I am looking closely at this bug because it is interesting. I ALWAYS find bugs on trips. I have learned that different places with different plants and weather end up having  different bugs. This is a locust but it isn’t alive and it was only the hard outside of the locust. Daddy explained that this is an exoskeleton. That means the skeleton or hard parts are on the outside instead of the inside, like bones are.
I also saw artwork on the same telephone pole. Mama does artwork that looks a little bit like this. 


I have not been on a lot of airplane rides because I usually take trips on the road, not in the sky!

I have been to 41 states now. 39 of the states have been in a car. Two states have been by airplane. All of them have been the states that touch together, except for Hawaii. Hawaii is a state made of islands, so you can’t drive your car there!!! The other state that doesn’t touch other states is Alaska. That one might be tough to get to. Mama and Daddy already visited that state before I was born. 
Plane trips and car trips both mean you have to pack what you need and you can get a treat to eat at the airport or the gas station. 

For this plane ride, I bought a pack of M&Ms to eat. I also ordered a cheese plate. It came with grapes, apples, and crackers. I drank water, but not a lot. The bathrooms are very small on an airplane. We don’t have bathrooms in our car. I do not have a television at my house but planes sometimes have tvs or movies for people to watch. 

Behaving at Concerts.

If you want to go to concerts you have to behave certain ways. I have been seeing sort of a lot of concerts lately! 
I usually get a treat and make it last for the whole show. I say to myself “I am going to savor this.” And then I do. I never eat treats fast. I always can savor them. 

A concert is a time to get especially dressed up!

I know you can’t complain about lines or walking far or waiting for the music to start. 

You can read a book while you are waiting but not during the music because that is rude.
You should clap when an exciting part of a song happens and at the end of the song too. 

If the people behind you are sitting, it might not be right to stand up but if everyone is standing up then you won’t be able to see if you stay in a seat.

I do not know how many concerts I have been to now. It might be about ten. My first one was when Mama was pregnant but I don’t remember that, of course. 

Sink repair.

I learned how to fit all of the parts together and follow the instructions for underneath-the-sink-pipes. I am glad that I did it and tried it even when some parts were a little bit hard, but I probably will not try it again. 

Jumping Frogs.

I went to a museum and watched a video about a man who heard a story about a frog jumping contest and then he turned it into a book.  The book made him famous and he is a writer everyone knows. His name is Mark Twain. That is his writing name, not his real name. Everybody got excited about the book and started to actually have a frog jumping contest every May! People come to this place from everywhere and bring their frogs in unusual containers. The people slap the ground to make their frog jump far. I know they don’t hurt the frogs but I still wonder how much the frogs like it or if they jump because they feel scared!


The winning frog gets a special award in the sidewalk and there is a statue of a frog near where the contest happens. I was a little bit disappointed because I thought that the frog statue would be very big.  

I might like to come back to watch these frogs jump but I am not really sure about it. 

Seafood State.

I have had oysters before and I like them a lot. I usually like them with garlic sauce and garlic juice or I like them hot from the BBQ with brownish-reddish sauce. These oysters had a tart red sauce called cocktail sauce and lemon juice and now I know I like other sauces more than cocktail sauce. 

The other seafood I ate was fish tacos and those were very good, of course!

The last seafood I tried was called lobster bisque. It was a little bit like clam chowder, except made with lobster. I love lobster and I do not get to order it very often because I don’t think I see it on a lot of restaurant menus. This was delicious and I would order it again!

Sculpture + A New State.

These are wires I have seen in a museum. They are hanging from the ceiling and they are called sculptures. They were made by a lady named Ruth Asawa. I can’t remember her name unless Mama reminds me, but I have seen them more than one time.

I went to an airport and saw these on the ceiling. I do not know if they were made by the same artist but I know that they are a little bit similar. But these were not made of wires and looked like they were made of basketball net strings but not white like most basketball net strings are. 

I liked being at the airport. I mostly have been traveling a lot by car and not planes. Planes are nice because you can get somewhere very fast. But cars are nice because you can stop when you see something interesting.  At the airport there was lots of good food to try, special toys and pens in the gift shops, a place to get your nails painted, and lots of places to read and be comfortable. I used some of my own money to buy some little chocolates and read some of my own books I brought with me while I waited to get on my plane.

I flew all night in a plane and ended up somewhere I had never been before. Now this is my 41st state and I only have 9 more to go to get to all 50 states in the country. When I got to this new state, I went to a museum and climbed into this sculpture for kids. It also looks like a sculpture by the same artist but it is not.