I learned about hydroponics and aquaponics. They are pretty much similar. Aquaponics is where water is used to make food and plant vitamins are added to the water. In hydroponics, fish make the plant vitamins and that helps the plants grow as food. I saw this inside of a pizza restaurant!! The food being grown was basil for pizzas and the fish that were giving their poop to the plants as vitamins were Japanese Koi. I had pizza with cheese that was made from nuts instead of from cow milk. Sometimes this is not so tasty but this pizza was so very, very good.

Another thing I liked here is I got to try Sweet Tea. I love tea and this is just tea with a lot of sugar in it so it is very tasty to me.

The last thing I liked was that the art on the wall was all made from pizza boxes. I love when art is made out of non art supplies.

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