I thought I saw scorpions in the water but they were actually Crawfish. Some people call them Crayfish or Crawdads. They are like small brown lobsters that live in water that isn’t salty. Crawdads eat little water animals and plants. They pick up their food with their claws. 

I found five  of them but I bet there were more in the pond. I parked in a spot where we had to pay money instead of the free parking, so after a while I had to get going and stop counting Crawdads.

Last Visit to the Dresses.

I went back to this museum so I could see the beautiful dresses again. 

These clothes are called daytime clothes. They have a little bit less sparkle than the night clothes, I noticed. These clothes still took a long time to make, like around 80 hours each. 

This book was heavier than most books I pick up. I looked through many of the pages and the pictures were interesting and of all the clothes Oscar de la Renta made.

This is my very favorite dress. I stared at it for a long time. The flowers are not real. 

Thai Food. 

All of these are a little too spicy but we opened every lid and I sniffed each one. I accidentally ate one of those jalapeño peppers once because I had thought they were bell peppers. Bell peppers are not spicy. Daddy uses some of these sauces but not me.

Chopsticks are a little tricky to use. I think I would like to practice at home. This week I will use chopsticks so I am good at picking up food again. Picking up sushi is pretty easy because sushi is big. Rice and slippery noodles are hard to work with. 

This food is the type of food from a place called Thailand. It is a different country and if I go there I will have to take a plane. If you know how to find the USA on this map and then look at the red part (Thailand) you can see that these countries are far apart from one another.

Very Beautiful Dresses.

I had to get a special ticket to go in this part of the museum and it was so great!

I loved seeing so many beautiful dresses. A man named Oscar de la Renta made them. They are colorful, sparkley, fancy and I was so happy looking at them. 

I also liked the way the statues were sitting or standing while they wore the dresses. I sat like one of those statues and asked mama to take my picture. 

I wore my fanciest dress to go look at these dresses. My fanciest dress is a flamingo [Flamenco] dress I asked for when I had my birthday where I turned 4. I also put on my leopard and pink arm warmers. A lot of grown ups asked my Mama if she picked out my outfit but she did not. I picked out my outfit all by myself after Mama told me what we were going to see. I would like to go back and look at these dresses again. Maybe my Gigi would like to see these dresses, I think. 

Special Shoes.

I read about this painting and I learned something new. 

This girl is wearing red shoes like I do. But her shoes are different than mine. Mine are cowboy boots and one is supposed to go on my left foot and the other one is supposed to go on my right foot. A lot of the time I put them on the opposite feet and that feels pretty good to my feet so it is okay. 

But the girl in this painting is wearing some shoes that are called straights and straights are shoes that can go on either foot without it being wrong because they are straight shaped shoes.

I feel like this is a pretty nice painting.

Old Friends + Old Neighborhood.

These are murals in my old neighborhood. That means that these art art projects on walls or buildings. I like the colors in these murals and that they are big.

This is me with my first friend. He was born 5 months before me and just a few blocks away. We took a walk together and stopped to watch which way this liquid flowed. The sidewalks have little lines that are deep and the water traveled that way. Mama told us not to step in it and we did not. We did not know exactly what the liquid was but we watched it squirt out of a spout that was sticking out of a brick building. When you walk in a city you have to watch where you are walking. We also both saw a very big poop on the sidewalk and before anyone could tell us not to get near it, we both ran and leaped over it. 

I love to climb and so does my friend. Mama said to not put my purse on the sidewalk because of germs but also because someone can snatch it up if I am not holding it.

When we finally got to the restaurant where we were going to eat dinner, it was very crowded and there were not enough tables. So the woman said “do you want to sit at two tables outside?” And we decided yes. So I sat at a table with my two friends and we ordered our food on our own and colored and talked while we waited for our food to be ready. I ordered Brussels sprouts and they had maple syrup on them! I also shared churros with my friends for dessert. Churros are sticks of cooked dough and cinnamon and sugar are all over the place. They are messy but beignets are messier!

I hope I can go see my friends again soon.

Sometimes Art Is Scary.

These were my favorites of the art I saw today. I liked how scary these masks looked to my eyes.  Most all of them were from Africa, a place called The Congo. 

This is Africa. Africa is a continent. The red part is where the masks are from. The masks I saw were over 100 years old and that might sound very old because 100 is a pretty big number. But I saw art and furniture today that was 400 years old and that is a lot older. People cannot live to be 400 but some do keep living to be 100.

You cannot try on these masks but I sure wish I could!

Bikes Racing So Fast.

I watched a lot of people ride bicycles. 

They rode very close together and very fast. Cars usually do not even go this fast on this road. 

The road was closed and only bicycles and the police were on the road. I clapped and cheered for both the bikers and the police. This was fun to see. 

When I ride my bike, I do not ride this fast but I always wear a helmet, just like all of these people did. Their outfits were colorful.