Gum Museum.

I am allowed to chew gum during standardized testing at school because it is supposed to help your brain focus on the testing. Otherwise, no. But I did get to chew a ball of gum while visiting this museum and when I am 9 I may chew it more regularly.

This Gum Gallery is run by a woman who started collecting with her sister in the 1940s. There are gums from all over the world and from all different years. Mama and Daddy noticed gum from when they were young.

This was a great place. We just had to call Joanne and she said to come on over! She was so kind. She gave me a hug and kiss when we left. She was very nice to my little sister too.

One thought on “Gum Museum.

  1. What an interesting museum this is! We so enjoyed slowly scrolling through your pictures and seeing the many types of gum that we remember chewing in our youth…the 1965-1966 group especially caught my eye, because in that time frame I (Jojo) graduated high school and I was quite a chewer of gum at that time. :)) one favorite was Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum(green wrapper)…another was Juicy Fruit…a popular thing for my girlfriends and I to do, was to save the paper wrapper and there was a way to fold them,connecting one after the other to make a “chain”…it was sort of a “contest” or “challenge” to see who could have the longest chain….I remember mine was several feet long…wish I had a picture to show you:)). Thanks for taking us on this journey to the Gum Museum, Sweet Girl❤️

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