Big Bend.

I went to a national Park called Big Bend. The Big Bend is the turn of the Rio Grande is. I got to get right next to the Rio Grande, the shallow water was warm. It was not very wide where I went and right across from where I was, it was Mexico! Sometimes when I look at the desert it does not look like a lot is going on, but then when I start looking at the ground and at plants, I see different bugs and animals. I found two dead butterflies and brought them to the ranger. She and I worked to identify them but it was not easy. We thought one was definitely a Monarch. The ranger said that she usually has a hard time identifying butterflies because they are so quickly moving but we laughed because these ones were definitely NOT moving and still it was difficult! I worked to earn my Junior Ranger badge here. I also spied a small, beautiful, velvety, red bug. It did NOT blend in!! That probably means it is poisonous or pretending to be! I was wondering if it would be ok to touch to see if it were soft. Mama said please do not touch it. I also let a millipede cross the road and touch my boots. We carried her to the other side to show Daddy and my sister and then it left.

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