Wind Sculptures.

I went to Mel Gould’s Buryville. Mama says there is a documentary about him so we will watch that soon. He was born in 1929 or 1930 or so, in California. He moved to this area in 1955 and has filled his property yard area with metal sculptures from vehicles and machines. There is a lot of wind here and wind is included in all of the sculptures, meaning they move on springs or twirl with the wind. They were really nice to look at. His underground workshop is an old school bus, camper, grain solo and a 55,000 gallon gas tank that he buried!! It would have been very interesting to look at. We all also hoped he was home and well enough to come out to maybe offer us a tour but we didn’t see anyone at all. I learned that Mel Gould helped the artist, Christo with some engineering of art before. Christo has made very big art and is very well known. I saw pictures of a fence made a long time ago by that artist. We put $3 in the donation box.

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