Routes West.

I learned all about people traveling from the East part of the United States to the West part. People who traveled by covered wagon had a really hard time. They had to leave behind their belongings on the route because sometimes they had to push their wagons up hill. This meant they left items behind like a piano. I know if you are moving you would want to bring your piano but it seems very difficult to take a piano on a journey like that. So many people had to leave behind their books that it was called “the prairie library” which sounds a little bit silly. I also learned about the Pony Express where mail was sent on horseback. Also I listened to audio about the Reed and Donner groups who had a VERY hard time. The gold rush brought a lot of people west also. When cars were very big and gas for the cars was inexpensive, people also traveled the same ways. This museum was in an arch shape and went over an entire freeway!

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