Crater Swimming.

I swam inside of a crater filled with water. It was warm water and I liked that a lot but what I did not care for was wearing a life jacket because free swimming is not allowed. Every single person has to wear a life jacket.

I learned that the water was around 90 or maybe 95 degrees and it is naturally there, not filled up by people. The water gets heated by the earth’s insides, where a lot of heat is trapped. The walls and ceiling are made by minerals building up a little bit at a time for a very long time. I think it was 10,000 years. There is a hole in the top and I could see the sky. About 25 years ago or so, people used to get into the crater through the top! But now there’s a tunnel to go through the side.

I got mixed up in my mind about this at first. I thought that all craters were created by meteors and that’s just not true!

2 thoughts on “Crater Swimming.

  1. You are doing some really cool things. I can’t wait to talk with you to hear where you had this experience.

  2. I love your descriptions. You bring the pictures to life. Reread your previous journal entries and realized, once again what amazing adventures your parents take you on. You are two fortunate little girls.

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