Wildlife Center.

I toured a wildlife center. My parents took turns driving around an area where you can open your car windows and feed wildlife.
You’re not allowed to feed the bison in one area though. The animals were mostly very curious and knew that cars meant snacks. I fed aoudads, zebras, zebus, watusis, camels, mules, water buffalo, bison, llamas, and goats. I stood on a platform next to giraffes and fed them lettuce. Their tongues are blue/black and so very long. I noticed that fallow deer, red lechwe, and sika deer were shy. They got close but wouldn’t stick their heads in my car. I went into a special room with baby and small animals. I saw armadillos chasing each other around. They were not the type of slow, sort of lazy armadillos from this area. These ones were jogging! As soon as I went into the baby room, an animal jumped on my Mama’s head! It was a lemur! Lemurs jumped on me too. They were so gentle and their hands were soft. You can’t legally have a pet lemur but I think one would be so nice to live with. All of these animals require really special and specific care.
This is a nice place to see them up so close. I always worry at these places though, if the animals are treated well and if they have happiness. 

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