Cemetery Tour.

I went on a tour of a well known cemetery that first was used in the year 1789. That was 230 years ago. I learned that people
were buried in tombs above ground instead of underground and a lot of people say that this is because the ground is too wet here and coffins would just pop up out of the soft ground. This could happen and probably did, but mostly these tombs are there because the cultures of Spain and France did this type of burial, and many people from Spain & France moved to this area. I also learned that in one tomb, maybe 80 people could be buried. The person who died was placed inside. Because the inside of the tomb is warm, the flesh decomposes and goes away quickly, in about one year. Then the bones are swept down to the bottom of the tomb and the space is ready for the next person. My sister sat in the mud and dug in the dirt there for a little bit and when we got back to our room, Mama had to cut her fingernails to get the cemetery dirt out. 

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