Recycled Art Idea

I learned a new craft today in an art class. 

Anyone can do it at home. First, you need a CD. Scratch it a little and then wrap your hand in tape with the sticky part not touching your hand. Then you use that sticky tape to press onto the cd and it lifts away the writing on the cd and makes the cd see-through. After that, the teacher gave me a cotton ball with liquid on it (rubbing alcohol) and I cleaned off the rest of the color, which was blue.  Next, I used beautiful pens called paintbrush permanent markers to make designs. The teacher drilled a few holes in the CD so I could hang it with a string and some beads. The sun can shine through it and it is beautiful. 

I think this is a good idea if you have old CDs that don’t work anymore and you like colorful decorations. 

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